Jess Agi, MPA, CAPM

Jess Agi, MPA, CAPM

Executive Director


During such a profoundly critical time for children, youth, and families across Washington, Jess Agi is honored to serve Children’s Campaign Fund as its first Executive Director. Born and raised in Alaska, Jess spent nearly a decade in New York City as a media producer and writer before moving into the public sector. While working as a Story Producer for the hit reality TV series “Hoarders” she first saw the power in using her skill set to help change lives. As she continued to work with celebrity talent, live entertainment, and high-profile TV projects by day, she began voraciously volunteering in her spare time — including as a Team Lead in Brooklyn for Organizing for Action, organizing advocacy campaigns for issues from universal free school lunch, and producing countless independent fundraising events.

Jess relocated to the Pacific Northwest where she earned her master’s degree in public administration while working full-time in non-profit fundraising and management. A certified project manager, former campaign manager, and local political leader (including as a former Vice Chair for King County Democrats), Jess has helped strengthen internal operations and raise over $25 million for a variety of missions and causes (including Avon 39, Planned Parenthood, Slice Out Hunger, Special Olympics, Swedish Medical Center, Temple De Hirsch Sinai, and Young Women Empowered). As an award-winning writer, her work has appeared in The Needling, Punchline Magazine, Anchorage Daily News, CollegeHumor, and more. Jess believes deeply in the transformative power of building relationships across differing beliefs, backgrounds, and identities to address systemic inequities and create lasting change -- and that anything is possible if we work together with our heads, hearts, and a dash of humor.

In her new role, Jess is eager to connect with this game-changing community and usher in the next chapter together. If you have ideas, suggestions, or questions, please get in touch: