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Chetan Soni

Political Action Manager

Chetan Soni

Chetan Soni joined the Children's Campaign Fund Network as the Political Action Manager in the beginning of 2024. He is a PAC and Votebuilder wizard who has worked on all sorts of campaigns and initiatives.

His start in politics in Seattle was as the Youth Team Director for a mayoral campaign in Seattle. He successfully recruited and organized a dynamic team of over 35 young volunteers. His innovative approach to voter engagement was highlighted by the establishment of a highly effective textbanking campaign, which adeptly utilized targeting tactics to disseminate over 1.5 million text messages across Seattle, significantly amplifying the campaign's reach and impact.

Transitioning to his tenure as an Associate with Prism West, Chetan played a crucial role in bolstering clients' campaign strategies through the development and refinement of field programs. His expertise in leveraging critical campaign tools, such as VoteBuilder, was instrumental in enhancing campaign infrastructure and operational success. Furthermore, as a Field Organizer with the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, Chetan's frontline involvement in organizing summits, field events, protests, and legislative advocacy efforts underscored his deep commitment to societal change. His leadership in the Independent Expenditure program further exemplifies his capacity to drive impactful initiatives and foster meaningful legislative and community engagement to address gun violence.

Chetan is excited to lead project work on LEAP and also assist leading PAC work at CCFN. In his free time, Chetan loves to cook, bake, and is the board President of the Washington Youth Alliance.

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