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Sarah Butruille

Organizing Manager

Sarah Butruille

Sarah Butruille joined CCFN as the Organizing Manager in February 2024. She is passionate about fostering community engagement in social issues and providing agency to historically underrepresented populations. She has worked with youth and children in various capacities for over 7 years. With her experience in rural settings and student organizing, she brings with her the tools needed to connect and maintain relationships with diverse groups of people.

Sarah received her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of Washington, and during her time there, she worked with First Year Programs to connect with over 300 students and facilitate their introduction to the UW. After University, Sarah was hired directly into the Seattle-based environmental nonprofit, Sustainability Ambassadors. There, she worked as the Student Leadership Coordinator, mentoring students across K-12 Washington school districts on story-telling and environmental communication. In her capacity there, Sarah and her students met with the Washington 34th Legislative District Democrats to speak on pressing environmental issues, the students’ work on sustainability initiatives, and their city climate action plan changes.

Sarah has seen the impact that accessible childcare can make, and she enjoys helping educate and elect lawmakers who prioritize children’s rights. As the Organizing Manager, Sarah trains community members with relevant lived experience to effectively tell their stories and connects them with legislative candidates and earned media opportunities. When she’s not working as a childcare champion, she is busy exploring the neighborhoods in Seattle and hanging out with her cat Gus.

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