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Spring Fundraiser 2014

Thank you to all the Children's Campaign Fund supporters who joined us

Your generous support helped make the Children's Campaign Fund annual fundraising event a success. Your contribution helped us raise $20,000! The event was great fun--with fabulous music, delicious food and wonderful friends!

Children, especially those most at risk, need strong advocates in the legislature and every dollar of your donation goes to electing Champions for Children. As we continue the Children's Campaign Fund endorsement process (read the CCF endorsements here), we are excited to help advocates for children as they take on some of the most competitive races across the state.

But as the campaigns speed up, we would like to take a moment to slow down and thank all the amazing people who have improved the lives of children and families in Washington. You are one of those people.

Thank you for your continued support.


Rene Murry and Joe Cunningham

Co-chairs, Children's Campaign Fund

Honoring Rep. Mary Helen Roberts

Representative Mary Helen Roberts is also one of those amazing people.

CCF honored Roberts for her years of fiercely supportive and inspiring service in the Washington House of Representatives and to the Children's Campaign Fund.

Representative Roberts, a founding board member, served as the first chair of CCF. She was on the board from 1990 until she was elected to the House in 2004. Roberts served five terms for the 21st Legislative District, which includes most of Edmonds, Mukilteo, a portion of south Everett and surrounding unincorporated areas.

By all accounts, she focused her efforts on improving the lives of children and families.

Most recently, Roberts served as the vice-chair on the House Public Safety Committee as well as committees that addressed issues of education, labor, children, justice and human services. She worked with law enforcement agencies and youth advocates for legislation to established alternatives to incarceration for youth, ensure youth offenders are tried in juvenile court and expand options for youth offenders with mental health issues.

Mary Helen brought a passion to the legislature for children and families, in particular for children and families affected by incarceration. She expanded how we look at vulnerable children. She sponsored three different extended foster care bills, which expanded the definition of what a foster child is, so we don't just dump them out of the street when they are 18.

"[Recently] I looked at the statistics of the number of children that leave foster care and become homeless. Mary Helen has been responsible for changing the law so that happens much less frequently." -- Rep. Ruth Kagi.

"[The Children's Campaign Fund Board] was so excited to have Mary Helen Roberts in the legislature. She continued the advocacy she did with CCF and translated it into action to improve the lives of children and families. We can't thank you enough." -- Susan Weiss, CCF board member

Thank you to the CCF and event sponsors!

First, a BIG thank you to Rep. Ruth Kagi, a founding CCF board member, who hosted our event at the lovely Dunn Gardens in northwest Seattle.

CCF Champion Sponsors ($500+)

  • Connie Ballmer

  • Bobbe and Jon Bridge

  • Martha Kongsgaard

  • Janet Levinger

  • Carol Maurer

  • Ann Ramsay-Jenkins

CCF Event Sponsors ($200-$499)

  • Phoebe Sade Anderson

  • Janis Avery

  • Charles and Nancy Bagley

  • Ana Beltran

  • Paul Benz

  • Becky Bogard

  • Bright Spring Consulting

  • Linda Brown and Larry True

  • Kathy Burgoyne

  • Sheila Capestany

  • Kathy Carson

  • Craftsman Plumbing

  • Bob Crittenden

  • Joseph Cunningham

  • Suzanne Dale Estey

  • Pam Daniels

  • Ben Danielson, MD

  • Mary Lou Dickerson


  • Pat and Susan Dunn

  • Mercedes Elizalde

  • Ginny English and Steve Holt

  • Mark and Benita Gjurasic

  • Danette Glassy, MD

  • Linda Hanson

  • Bill Hochberg

  • Marty Jacobs

  • The Hon. Fred Jarrett

  • Lonnie Johns Brown

  • Mike Kasprzak and Betty Williams

  • The Hon. Lynn Kessler

  • Kurose and Nathan Rothman

  • Jean Leonard

  • Laurie Lippold

  • The Hon. Steve Litzow

  • Trisha Matthieu

  • The Hon. Marcie Maxwell

  • Leah Medway

  • Lance Morehouse

  • Chuck and Rene Murry

  • Maren Norton

  • The Hon. Al O'Brien

  • Donna Patrick

  • Linda Quan, MD

  • The Hon. Renee Radcliff Sinclair

  • Kristen Rogers and Nick Federici

  • Majken Ryherd

  • Susan Sandall and Tony Williams

  • SEIU 775

  • The Hon. Tana Senn

  • Don Shifrin, MD and Bobbi Chamberlain

  • Shari Song

  • Cynthia Shurtleff and David Shurtleff, MD

  • Jeffrey Stolz, MD

  • Theresa Tanoury

  • Gayle and Jack Thompson

  • Jessica Wallace and Joshua Thompson

  • Eric Trupin, MD

  • Susan Abby Weiss

  • Kim Wesselman

  • Trina Westerlund

  • Sam Whiting

  • Kinnon Williams

  • Reid Yamamoto


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