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Tia Holiday


Tia's passion for children, youth, and families lies within her own story as a former foster youth in Los Angeles. While her story has been regarded as one of the "lucky few" who has found success after her experiences in foster care, she owes her success to the people who unconditionally loved her and continued to advocate for her success well after she left the foster care system. Today, Tia an Associate Director at Intentional Futures -- a consulting agency based in Seattle, WA. Her primary role bringing attention to racial and socioeconomic equity while collaboratively developing inclusive and social justice-oriented solutions with foundations and non-profits in the Pacific Northwest and nationally. Before joining Intentional Futures her career was spent in the public education space working as a classroom teacher, developing college-based support programs with current and former foster youth, and working in education policy to reform policies in higher education in California. She holds an M.S. from the University of Southern California in Learning, Design, and Technology.

Member: Children's Campaign Fund

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