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My-Linh Thai: LD 41 - House (Pos. 2)

We are so proud to endorse Rep. My-Linh Thai (LD 41), our 2021 Champion of the Year, for her re-election campaign!

Rep. Thai is a strong and committed leader for kids and families. She championed powerful legislation across CCF's priority areas during her time in the legislature - with a primary focus on ensuring the basic needs of children, youth, and families are met. Rep. Thai's leadership and prime sponsorship of The Working Families Tax Credit in in 2021 garnered sweeping bipartisan support and is impacting families across the state by providing a direct recovery rebate.

You, too, can support Rep. Thai’s re-election campaign by visiting her website:

My-Linh Thai: LD 41 - House (Pos. 2)
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