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Online scheduling is now closed for interviews in the 2022 cycle.
To schedule an interview, please contact

Candidate Endorsement Interviews

Dedicated to electing champions for children, youth, and families, and holding those leaders accountable, Children’s Campaign Fund is the leading and longest running statewide, nonpartisan PAC focused on kids.
If you are running for a state legislative, judicial, or other statewide office during the 2022 election cycle in Washington State, and have read through our Endorsements FAQ below, you may request a one-hour virtual endorsement interview.

Thank you for your interest in receiving support from Children's Campaign Fund!



You may be eligible to receive CCF’s endorsement if you:

  • are seeking a state legislative, judicial, or other statewide office in Washington during the 2022 election cycle

  • will prioritize the needs of children, youth, and families

  • have completed a one-hour interview via Zoom with members of CCF’s board and staff


NOTE: At this time, we do not endorse any other positions and will decline your request if you try scheduling for anything other than what’s noted above. CCF additionally reserves the right to decline requests from candidates deemed out of alignment with our values, vision, and priorities.


CCF’s Board of Directors ultimately votes on our endorsement decisions. In some races, we may offer a dual endorsement or choose not to support any candidate at all. Our decisions are based on a combination of your interview responses, actions/votes of incumbents, your campaign platform and opponent(s), and demonstrated leadership across CCF’s core issue areas: 

  • Basic needs (including physical health, behavioral health, safety, housing, and nutrition)

  • Child care, early learning, and family support

  • Child welfare

  • Intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)/adaptive education needs

  • Juvenile justice reform

  • Youth development


FOR INCUMBENTS: Please note that receiving a past endorsement does not guarantee renewal, and you are eligible for support even without a prior endorsement.


We are eager to highlight endorsement announcements on our website, social media, and other digital communications to our network. The majority of our endorsed candidates will receive a financial contribution. Select candidates may also be eligible for an ‘Endorsement of Distinction’ and/or receive the maximum contributions as legally permitted.

With respect for your time and interest in CCF’s support, we will notify you of our decision either way. 

If you are running for a state legislative, judicial, or other statewide office during the 2022 election cycle in Washington State, and meet the other criteria detailed above, you may request an endorsement interview using the online scheduling tool at the top of this page.


For any questions or concerns, please contact Jess Agi at

Thank you for leading on behalf of children, youth, and families – and for your interest in our support! 

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