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Gina Mosbrucker

LD 14 - House (Pos. 2)

A passionate and engaged leader for her district, Children's Campaign Fund is pleased to endorse the re-election of Representative Gina Mosbrucker (LD-14).

Rep. Mosbrucker holds a variety of key leadership roles and committee assignments that give her a unique and powerful platform to help make a big impact for kids. In our recent conversations, she emphasized the importance of ensuring young people have the resources they need to thrive as well as the chance to inform important policy decisions. Rep. Mosbrucker is committed to listening to community voices, keeping families together, and finding sustainable policy solutions to uplift all Washingtonians. While we may not agree on everything -- including CCF's strong support of the capital gains tax which will provide crucial funding for Fair Start for Kids -- we remain grateful for Rep. Mosbrucker's steadfast commitment to prioritizing many important children's issues in the legislature.

Learn more about her leadership and experience:

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