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Join us!

Join us for a conversation on our exciting new mission and vision for the Children's Campaign Fund Network! We have an ambitious plan for 2024 and beyond. After launching the Children's Campaign Fund Action in 2022 and a successful first year (please click here to see our bus tour report!), we are looking forward to leveraging both organizations to educate, electioneer, and advocate.


In this debrief, we will go over:

  • Our new organizational vision. We just finished an intensive strategic planning process where we have identified our new north star, which is to build long-term political power for family issues in Washington state. We believe that building this type of power is critical, as electoral work that translates into policy victories has been a significant gap within children's advocacy spaces in WA.

  • Our new structure, organizational partnerships, and programs that will help us make this vision into a reality.

  • Overview of our 2024 electoral and education work and how they will position us as a major player in future electoral cycles and legislative sessions.


We will have two sessions for this debrief: March 12 at noon and March 13 at 4PM. 

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