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Children's Campaign Fund Presents the
2nd Annual 
Champions for Children, Youth, and Families Awards
Sunday, May 15, 2022 (via Zoom)

On International Day of Families, our community came together - virtually - to celebrate the many policy wins for children, youth, and families, and thank the leaders who made another historic legislative session possible for kids. Check out our video highlights below!




Rep. Ruth Kagi (Ret.)

Peter & Yali Lincroft


Former Seattle Mayor & City Council Member Tim Burgess

Alison Danz

Ginny English & Stephen Holt

Jay Fathi, MD

Matt Griffin

Rene Murry

Rep. Mary Helen Roberts (Ret.)

Jack & Gayle Thompson

CCF's Board of Directors

CCF's Fundraising Committee

Justen Van Dyke

THAT! Interpreting Services of Deaf & DeafBlind, Inc.


We grounded our conversation with reflections on another historic session, and looked ahead to our most consequential election cycle yet to retain and elect champions for kids across the state.


Winners were elected by CCF's Board of Directors; nominations were based on floor and committee votes, prime and co-sponsorship of CCF's priority bills, proviso and budget leadership, session activity including floor speeches and public comments, and more.

All award winners are endorsed for the 2022 election cycle.

Champion of the Year
In recognition of transformative leadership across CCF's issue areas and an unwavering commitment to children, youth, and families.
Rep. Lisa Callan (LD-5)
Co-Chair of the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Work Group where she has championed for tremendous investment and policy change for children and youth behavioral health, Rep. Callan stands out as an incredible advocate and champion for all issues impacting children, youth, and families. Rep. Callan prime sponsored the biggest behavioral health bills this session including HB 1890 (concerning the children and youth behavioral health workgroup) and HB 1834 (concerning student excused absences for mental health reasons) — and championed a budget request for on-site behavioral health for unhoused youth and homeless youth facilities in the Capital Budget, as well as vital funding for Early Learning Facilities. Last year, Rep. Callan was also nominated to receive recognition in CCF's Child Welfare and Youth Development categories, representing true leadership and impact for ALL of Washington's kids.
Rising Stars of the Year
In recognition of new leaders for an especially impactful first term advocating for children, youth, and families.
Rep. April Berg (LD-44)

Rep. Berg is truly a star in the legislature - shining bright for children, youth, and families as a powerful leader during hearings and floor votes across CCF’s issue areas. During her first term, Rep. Berg prime sponsored many important bills including HB 1237 (requiring schools to make menstrual hygiene products available at no cost) and HB 1342 (eliminating lunch copays for students who qualify for reduced-price lunches) and co-sponsored over a dozen priority bills across our issue areas. She was an especially powerful voice in the 2022 session around ensuring Washington's kids and families have their basic needs met, and that youth have their voices heard. 

Sen. Yasmin Trudeau (LD-27)

Appointed to the Senate this year, Sen. Trudeau championed this session’s most transformative bills impacting children, youth, and families.


She prime sponsored bills like SB 5609 (eliminating fingerprinting at juvenile dispositions), SB 5883 (concerning an unaccompanied homeless youth's ability to provide informed consent for that minor patient's own health), SB 5752 (creating the Washington future fund trust fund program) and more that challenge the status quo and reimagine a better, more accessible Washington for all children, youth, and families. 

Special Recognition: Evergreen Advocates for Kids & Families
In recognition of legislators for their commitments to kids and families across CCF's priority areas
Rep. Debra Entenman
Rep. Entenman played an important role in making game-changing behavioral health policy possible this session as the lead of Prenatal-5 relational health on the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Work Group (CYBHWG) where she worked tirelessly to put together recommendations to the legislature to improve the behavioral health policies and investments for kids and families. Rep. Entenman also co-led the effort of creating a new health profession for birth doulas (HB 1881) and is a champion across the board on CCF’s priority issues.
Sen. Emily Randall
Sen. Randall is a trusted leader in the legislature for all issues impacting kids and families. As chair of the Senate Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee, she prime sponsored bills like SB 5789 (creating the WA career and college pathways innovation challenge program) that make transitions to adulthood easier for young people. As a community organizer and advocate for health and well-being, Sen. Randall pushes for legislation that ensures all Washingtonians have access to high quality and affordable healthcare.
Rep. Jamila Taylor
In her leadership role as Chair of the Legislative Black Caucus and throughout her first term in the legislature, Rep. Taylor prioritized whole-family efforts that center the wellbeing and safety of all children, youth, and families and to ensure their basic needs are met. Rep. Taylor has been a strong voice for priority bills across CCF’s issue areas during her first term, including co-sponsoring over a dozen of our priority bills in 2022 and additionally prime sponsored education-related legislation supporting students transitioning to adulthood.
Special Recognition: Lifetime Impact Awards for Retiring Legislators
With appreciation to CCF's retiring champions for their lifetime commitment to kids and families.
Tribute presented by CCF Co-Chair and Co-Founder, Rep Ruth. Kagi (Ret.) with a special message from Senator David Frockt about his legacy as a champion for children and why you should invest in CCF's mission.

Thank you to ALL the champions who made this a historic session for children, youth, and families across Washington!

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