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Check out our Bus Tour Report!

It's here! Our LEAP (Legislator Education & Action Project) Bus Tour Report details what we learned from traveling around the state from child care providers, advocates, and lawmakers.

Through the Legislator Education and Action Program (LEAP) developed by The Association of Washington Institute (AWBi) and the Children’s Campaign Fund Action (CCFA), the two organizations embarked on a statewide tour to promote education of and provide information about early learning and child care. The goal was to provide elected officials, business leaders, policy makers and stakeholders with information about early learning and child care and hear from communities about the issues, problems, and successes in their areas. We held regional meetings at different stops to gather information about the state of child care in our state.

During the roundtables, we conducted surveys about what challenges communities are facing regarding child care, why people think early learning is important, and how employers are responding to the child care crisis.

To view our resources compiled for the tour, please click here!

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