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Adán Espino, Jr.


Member: Children's Campaign Fund

Adán is a contract lobbyist and government affairs consultant based in the South Sound of
Washington. He has a strong background in equity issues, beginning his advocacy work for his
fellow students at UW Tacoma to increase state financial aid support and interning for an
affordable homeownership nonprofit, and has a deep understanding and instinct for translating
policy ideas into legislative action.

Examples of his work include the creation of a program at UW Tacoma to house over 120 now
formerly homeless students, securement of the largest investment in higher education in years
through the creation of the Washington College Grant, the establishment of a workgroup to
create policies to reduce the racial gap in homeownership, grassroots organizing for expanded
passenger rail in underserved communities, that included communities in eastern Washington
and students, and the development of a youth civic education and leadership training program
for Latinos and POC that has taught over 100 students, in which he also teaches at.

With a strong passion for public service, Adán continues his advocacy work at the state
legislature and in his local community to help drive change for a more just, inclusive, and
opportunity rich community, through his capacity as a lobbyist.

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