Charles Adkins


As a registered lobbyist and enrolled member of the Yurok Tribe, Charles focuses on local and state advocacy. From his childhood on the Yurok reservation, he was sent to one of the remaining Indian Schools where his experiences helped inform his fight for social and economic justice. His father, a decorated combat veteran from Afghanistan, suffered from PTSD which eventually led to Charles leaving home as a teenager and soon finding himself homeless. Charles’ passion to help others like himself saw him earn a degree and rise to prominence in the political community.

His experience encompasses roles such as Vice President of Federal Affairs for Washington Students Association, Director of Legislative Affairs for Students of the Evergreen State College and as a contract lobbyist, as well as Political Affairs Officer for the 38th Legislative District Democratic Party. He was a delegate to the 2016 & 2020 Democratic National Convention and serves on several boards including the Children’s Campaign fund and previously served on the board of the Washington Student Association. One of his proudest career achievements is authoring and successfully lobbying for the passage of Senate Bill 5800 which launched a pilot program in which colleges provide additional assistance for homeless and food insecure students.

Charles holds a degree in Tribal Administration and resides in Everett, Washington.           (206) 395-4371           PO Box 19777, Seattle, WA 98109

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