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Lyn Idahosa


Member: Children's Campaign Fund

Lyn is the Co-Founder and former Executive Director of the FW Black Collective (FWBC). She helped create the organization as a grassroots vision and has built it in collaboration with community and local leaders since 2018. Prior to starting FWBC, she worked for UW Medicine. Her experience moving through the ranks as a temporary employee at the HMC OR front desk to working the entire revenue cycle is what has greatly expanded her knowledge of systems and has now driven her to change the very systems that have previously marginalized communities of color in Federal Way.

As a proud first generation Nigerian-American, she brings a diverse perspective that has been shaped by her experience as a mother, business owner, former union member, public servant and caregiver. She has won various awards for her work in civic engagement, and truly believes that every voice counts – especially on a local level.

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