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5th LD
The children's Campaign Fund is endorsing Ingrid Anderson (LD 5- D) because she has dedicated her life to caring for the health and wellbeing of people in her community. If elected, Ingrid would be the only nurse and healthcare progressional in our state's legislature. As a nurse, she learned to pay close attention to and care for the entire person. As an elected official, we are confident she will care for the whole child, the whole family, and the whole community. Ingrid fully understands that to make good progress in our state, we have to diagnose and treat all of the issues facing our communities by advocating for a strong education system, a clean environment, affordable healthcare, housing, jobs, and economic opportunity for all. Ingrid Anderson is one of two contenders that the Children's Campaign Fund is endorsing for the contested senate seat in LD 5 and we encourage you to learn about her accomplishments and platform at
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