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An Open Letter to Champions for Children

Dear Champions for Children,

Thank you for your support of key children’s issues during this legislative session. Many Washington senators and representatives across the political spectrum have worked together to affirm the commitment to our youngest citizens.

This year has seen the potential for historic investment in early learning as both legislative chambers passed their versions of the Early Start Act. And Extended Foster Care, Homeless Youth Act, YEAR Act, and Anti-Sex Trafficking are all paving the way toward a better future for Washington’s children.

Now that the House and Senate are deep within budget negotiations and compromise, the Children’s Campaign Fund urges your continued leadership to ensure services for children and families are fully funded in the final budget.

We depend on your commitment and courage to find reliable revenue sources for key legislation that will help every child including those who are furthest from opportunity.

Please keep children at the center of budget decision making, especially when considering:

  • Making high-quality care and education available to every child

  • Providing support for food-insecure households using State Food Assistance

  • Investing in TANF to support families depending on limited cash benefits

  • Services children and families experiencing homelessness depend on

  • Helping children in foster care

We understand these are tough discussions, but this year offers the opportunity to affirm our state’s commitment to our youngest and most vulnerable members of our communities by supporting the safety net for every child.

The success of our state depends on the opportunities and investment we make today. Please ensure services for children and families are fully funded in the final budget.

Sincerely, The Children’s Campaign Fund Board of Directors

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