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Endorsement Schedule is Here! Questionnaires being emailed soon.

Are you an incumbent or candidate seeking the endorsement of the Children's Campaign Fund? Then you are in the right place! We will be emailing questionnaires out by Monday - if you don't get one, please contact Laura Ruderman (laura at lauraruderman dot com) and we will send you one. You will also need to schedule an in-person interview. Dates and times as follows:

  • April 7th 9a-6p Seattle

  • April 28th 9a-6p Vancouver

  • May 19th 9a-6p Spokane

  • May 23rd 8:30a-8p Seattle

  • May 24th 8:30a-8p Seattle

  • May 26th 9a-6p Tacoma

  • June 2nd 9a-6p Tri-Cities

Contact Laura Ruderman or David Beard to schedule.

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