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Kids need us now

The special legislative session started on Monday. The biggest issues are being argued over right now, everything regarding the budget.

Here at the Children’s Campaign Fund we know these are difficult times and every program is struggling. Over the past several years we have been faced with heavy budgets cuts, looking at nearly $10 billion that has been cut from our state budget since 2008. We simply cannot take another all cuts budget. This is why we at the Children’s Campaign Fund believe that, at this point, our legislators need to invest in new revenues.

There are approximately 1.55 million children in Washington State:

  • 4 out of 10 children use Apple Health for Kids to see a doctor, dentist or other medical professional.

  • Nearly half of all children entering school are not ready for kindergarten and the learning gap just grows from there leaving an average of 27% of 3rd graders who cannot meet basic reading standard for their grade, the percentages go up to 38% when you account for low-income status.

  • Since 2011 the Working Connection Child Care program has been capped at 35,200 families leaving nearly 3,200 on the waiting list unable to afford highly needed quality child care.

  • In July 2012, benefits for State Food Assistance recipients were cut in half from an average of $115 per person to $55 per person. Less than $2 per person per day is simply not enough for the 14,000 children and 17,000 adults to purchase nutritious foods for a healthy diet.

  • The need for placement for homeless children and their families has gone up 67% just since January.

It’s time for our legislators to show us: Who's for kids and Who's just kidding?

Call your legislators right now! Demand new revenue! Demand a Washington Budget that takes care of its children and families:

1.800.562.6000 (M-F 8am-12noon and 1pm-4:30pm) or

Informational resources:

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