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State’s oldest children’s PAC endorses I-1639 to improve safety of Washington state’s kids

Seattle, WA – Today, the Children’s Campaign Fund (CCF) announced the endorsement of I-1639, the Reduce Assault Weapon Violence: Safe Schools, Safe Communities Initiative.

"The safety and well-being of Washington state's kids and families is CCF's number one priority," said Randi Abrams-Caras, CCF co-chair. "I-1639 would be a common sense step towards improving the safety of our communities and schools so we can all feel that we're doing everything we can for our kids to have a safer, brighter future."

CCF is the nation’s oldest statewide PAC for children. In addition to helping elect legislative voices for children, CCF also supports select statewide races and ballot measures that directly impact the well-being of children and families.

More than 120 candidates sought CCF’s endorsement this year. CCF endorsed 95 candidates for the primary which can be found here. Of those endorsed candidates, 92 candidates successfully made it through the primary and onto the general election.


The Children’s Campaign Fund is a political action committee dedicated to electing state leaders who will champion the health, well-being, safety and education of the children of Washington State, especially those most at-risk and underserved.

We provide a non-partisan, collective voice and means for the people of Washington State to elect leaders who will put kids first, and to hold them accountable for supporting the whole child.

Children’s Campaign Fund makes a difference in the lives of children by improving children’s access to healthcare, reducing child hunger, supporting foster care and early childhood education and improving child safety.


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